Happy New Year Business Ecards.

The New Year is always a call for celebration; an occasion to reflect on past successes, current goals and to toast friends, family – and clients – from the last 12 months. Business e-cards are an excellent way for you to wish your current and prospective clients a happy New Year!

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About New Year's

New Year's Eve is celebrated on Dec. 31, with the holiday falling on Jan. 1. Many North American businesses have a shorter workday on New Year's Eve, to allow employees to get ready for the celebrations of that evening.

One of the many events that occur on New Year's Eve is the official dropping of the "time ball" that takes place at New York's Times Square. The ball has dropped for every year starting in 1907 (other than in 1942 and 1943 for war time blackouts). The ball is currently constructed out of triangle-shaped crystal panels that are lit with an LED system. The original ball was made out of wood, iron and 100 incandescent light bulbs.

New Year's parties are also a way to celebrate the occasion, with many choosing to have themes for the evening, such as masquerades or costume parties. One tradition is to kiss someone at the stroke of midnight—one superstition is that if you do not, you will be lonely throughout the following year.

The song most commonly heard at the stroke of midnight, especially in English-speaking countries, is Auld Lang Syne. Originally written by the Scots poet Robert Burns in 1788, this song is a celebration of the old times that have gone by. Interestingly, the song is also used for graduations, funerals and other events.

New Year's traditions differ somewhat in other countries; the Chinese New Year, which occurs on the last day of the last month of the Chinese calendar. It is a very popular festival in China, where Chinese families get together for an annual "reunion dinner."

Happy New Year business e-cards are a great way to ensure your current and future clients keep your company or business top of mind.

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