Employment Anniversary Ecards.

When one works at a job for many years, it is a very big accomplishment. As such, many companies have year milestones that mark the length of time an employee has been with the company. These employment anniversaries are excellent times to send out Employee Anniversary business e-cards and build positive moral within the workplace.

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About Employment Anniversaries

Companies differ as to whether or not they mark employment anniversaries, or which years they do recognize. The most common anniversaries have to be on the fives, starting with five years, 10, 15, so on and so forth. Many companies mark the larger anniversaries, like 10 years or 25 years.

The actual celebration itself is usually a party, but can also include gifts like sending an employee on a trip to meet an honoured guest or personage. Normally a gift is given that signifies the event, such as a tie tack (for men) or a pin (for women). Some companies also take advantage of gift registries, where employees can choose their own gift from a brochure (which includes everything from wine decanters to sugar bowls).

Of course, the longer the employee has been with the company, the more extravagant the gift should be. For five years, something small but meaningful should be given, like a nice expensive pen; 10 years, perhaps a watch. Again, it is completely up to you as to what you would like to give. It is always a good idea to confer with other employees to find out what the person celebrating the anniversary enjoys.

No matter the gift you decide to give, an excellent companion to that gift is an employee anniversary business e-card. It will show the employee that you appreciate the time and dedication they have given to the company. It can also include personal details as to exactly what they have done to make an impact on your company (for example, their excellence in dealing with customers, etc.) and your hopes for the future.

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