Employee Recognition Ecards.

Whether you have five or 500, employees are a large part of your business being successful. The next time an employee meets an important sales milestone, or celebrates a work anniversary, why not send them an e-card? Employee recognition ecards are an inexpensive but sophisticated and professional way to designate momentous occasions for any business.

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Happy Birthday 1

Send birthday wishes to clients, customers, vendors and...

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Anniversary 1

A bright and cheerful employee anniversary ecard ...

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Thank You 1

This business appreciation ecard is great for any ...

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You're a Star! 1

This playful and joyful praise ecard for business uses ...

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Happy Retirement 1

This retirement ecard for business works great to wish ...

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Happy Birthday 2

Celebrate your clients, customers and employees on ...

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Anniversary 2

An employee anniversary ecard with a “happy-go-lucky-...

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Thank You 2

Thank your customers, clients or guests for their ...

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Happy Birthday 3

Say ‘Happy Birthday’ to clients and staff with this...

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Great Work! 1

Give praise to an employee for a job well done using ...

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Happy Retirement 2

Taking the notions of leisure and travel during ...

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About Employee Recognition

Your employees are the backbone of your business; and happy employees not only make for better job satisfaction, they can also improve effectiveness in the workplace as well. So when an employee deserves congratulations for a job well done, a “thank you for all your hard work” e-card is the perfect way to go.

An employee recognition e-card can represent an employee’s completion of an important course, a work anniversary, or just a general appreciation for that person’s dedication to their job. When someone realizes that their work is appreciated, it will make them want to work all the harder for it.

For example, any salesperson would enjoy a surprise e-card from their superior, recognizing the time they had put into ensuring that a customer was treated right, and walked away happy. A business e-card can also be given if an employee has had a rough day; perhaps they had to deal with a difficult situation in the workplace (i.e., a complaint of some sort) and the manager noticed how well that issue was dealt with.

Have you ever stepped into an office or workplace where it seems everyone is happy? There’s a positive energy that just fills the entire space. If you ask around, you’ll be sure to find that the manager has some way of noting when an employee has done an excellent job – and business e-cards for employee recognition are an excellent way for you to follow suit.

Employee recognition ecards for businesses can be customized for any occasion, with any brand or saying. They can be fun, or sophisticated and serious. No matter the occasion, whether it be a birthday, retirement or just a "good job!", they are an excellent way of ensuring your employees stay engaged with your business.

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