Happy Easter Ecards for Business.

Although Easter has religious overtones, it also brings to mind rabbits, chickens and eggs, and is an opportunity to spend time with family. It is also an excellent time to correspond with clients, to keep that line of communication open and let them know you are thinking of them with an appropriate Happy Easter business ecard.

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About Easter

As a moveable holiday, Easter occurs the first Sunday after the full moon falling after the March equinox. Religiously, it is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection on the third day after his crucifixion at Calvary. It has also become a special time of the year for non-Christians as well, and is associated with the Easter Bunny, parades and egg hunting.

For Christians, Easter is observed by attending mass or church service, and can also include a meal where family members can get together. The holiday is linked with Good Friday, which is two days before Easter. Good Friday is the day that Jesus Christ was crucified, and many Christians attend church services on this day as well.

The Easter Bunny visits young children on Easter, a day filled with many fun activities. Many children will wake up to a trail of Easter eggs that lead to a basket filled with chocolate bunnies, stuffed animals and other goodies. Many children participate in a local Easter egg hunt, where they can search for chocolate eggs. Egg decorating is also common, where children can decorate a chocolate egg with icing, or the more popular, decorating of an actual egg. The egg is normally hard boiled to prevent breakage, and can be coloured with bright crayons or dye.

In other areas of the world, Easter is also celebrated. In Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, both Good Friday and Easter Sunday are holidays. Many European countries also observe either Good Friday or Easter Sunday.

So this Easter, "hop" to it and send your clients an Easter business e-card!

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