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Ecard solutions designed for businesses looking to send corporate holiday ecards to customers, clients, donors, vendors, staff and more. Our ecards are viewable in web browsers on both desktop & mobile devices. Each corporate ecard design available provides various customizable aspects that allow businesses to deliver an experience that both extends well-wishes for the occasion and reinforces their brand.

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Season's Greetings 1

This non-denominational, upbeat and toe-tapping ...

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Season's Greetings 2

This business ecard for the holidays uses a theme set ...

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Season's Greetings 3

A soft and tranquil piano melody leads this Season's ...

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Season's Greetings 5

This "Season's Greetings" business ecard ...

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Season's Greetings 6

This holiday greetings ecard carries a happy-go-lucky ...

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Season's Greetings 7

This business holiday greeting combines animated vector...

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Season's Greetings 8

An "Season's Greetings" ecard with a "happy-go-lucky-...

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Season's Greetings 9

A soothing and inviting musical track featuring an ...

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Happy Holidays 1

Using the idea of scrapbooking and photo collages, this...

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Happy Holidays 2

This is a feel-good business ecard inspiring reflection...

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Happy Holidays 3

The slow and inviting melody of an acoustic guitar ...

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Happy Holidays 4

This colorful, uplifting and happy business ecard is ...

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Happy Holidays 5

A beautiful holiday design characterized by faded ...

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Happy Holidays 6

A charming holiday greeting design that strays from ...

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Happy Holidays 7

This uplifting and cheerful holiday ecard for ...

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Happy Holidays 8

A bright and cheerful winter holiday ecard perfect for ...

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Happy Holidays 9

This holiday ecard for business works great to wish ...

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Christmas 7

So what does Christmas look like in space? This ...

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Christmas 1

This classy Christmas business ecard flips through a ...

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Christmas 5

This Christmas business ecard uses an orchestral ...

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Christmas 6

Inspired by the notion of giving and the Christmas ...

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Christmas 3

This cool and refreshing business holiday e-card uses ...

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New Years 1

This swinging, upbeat, big band Happy New Year business...

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New Years 2

The sophisticated piano runs leading the audio track ...

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3 Ecard Bundle

Pay one low price and pick 3 templates...

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What happens after I place my order?

  1. We contact you to confirm receipt of your order.
    Initially, you'll receive an automated confirmation email from our website indicating that we received your order. Shortly thereafter, your project manager will contact you to review your order and explain the next steps.
  2. You'll receive a list of materials we require (e.g. logo, photos, web address, social links, etc).
    Details for each material required is included along with the list. Your project manager makes the process simple for you. Please be prepared to provide your materials in 3 business days or less depending on the time of year.
  3. With your materials, we produce your ecard.
    We provide a preview of your ecard for you to review and sign-off on. If you need changes, no problem. We will carry out a single round of revisions with no additional charge.
  4. We host your ecard on our world-class servers or you can use your own.
    We use leading-edge web hosting technologies that have great redundancy and automatically scale their resources to meet the demand for your ecard. Alternatively, if you prefer to host your ecard on your own website, we will provide you with the files needed.
  5. Deliver it to your recipients.
    Using your own method or adding on our service, deliver the ecard to your recipients. Many clients can use one of our preferred email delivery service providers and send for FREE.

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Select the occasion your business requires an ecard for.

Announcements Ecards Thank You & Appreciation Ecards Birthday Ecards Thanksgiving Ecards Season's Greetings Ecards Happy Holidays Ecards Christmas Ecards Hanukkah Ecards Happy New Year Ecards Employee Recognition Ecards Anniversary Ecards Congratulations Ecards Retirement Ecards Canada Day Ecards Independence Day Ecards Happy Easter Ecards Valentine's Day Ecards

More Businesses using Ecards.

Every year, the number of businesses using corporate ecards to send well-wishes for the holidays and other occasions increases. Some businesses exclusively use ecards for these occasions while others combine digital e-greetings with their printed greetings' initiatives. For the latter, ecards get used as a substitute for their print version or as a complementary experience that follows the print card. Additionally, with business ecards being: a green solution to print cards; cost-effective; and having many benefits associated with being digital, it becomes obvious why more and more businesses are embracing corporate holiday ecards each year.

Ecards are Eco-Friendly.

Businesses are becoming more and more environmentally conscience. They recognize that ecards are substantially more environmentally friendly than print cards. By using ecards, businesses are reducing usage of raw materials like paper and ink products, plus fuel consumption and the CO2 emissions. In addition, by sending a corporate ecard, businesses can be assured that recipients aren't throwing their print cards in the garbage and further contributing the ever growing landfills on our planet.

Ecards are cost-effective.

For businesses, the monetary and time costs associated with the process of sending greetings to clients can add up quickly. Consider a company sending to 200 customers and ordering from one the more popular online services for corporate greeting cards. After adding the cost of purchasing the greeting cards (custom designed with company logo); the labor to write and message and sign each one; the preparation of envelopes; and postal stamps, you would likely be spending in the $800 to $1200 range. In this scenario, comparing that with our ecards the cost would be about 50% to 65% less. Additionally, the company can send to more than just their 200 customers - further increasing savings.

Ecards vs. Print Cards.

Given their digital nature, business ecards have benefits over printed greeting cards. Ecards generally cost less on a per-recipient basis because you typically pay one price and are able to send to as many recipients as you like. Delivery of ecards is instant and simple. It’s basically the same as sending an email - no postage stamps to buy, no envelopes to address and no rushing to the post office before it closes! Ecards can provide a rich multimedia experiences offering more than just one-dimensional messaging. Using animation, audio, video and interactivity creates multi-level marketing opportunities with higher probability for deep engagement. Ecards can be tracked and their readership measured. Business holiday ecards won't end up in the garbage.

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